UK Study Visa Cost from India

UK Study Visa Cost from India

It does not come as a surprise that thousands of Indian students choose to study in the UK each year. The country is known for some of the top-ranked universities for their academic excellence. The UK is the top choice for Indian students due to the high standard of education they can receive from UK universities and the value of a UK degree.

Each year, tens of thousands of international students from different countries in the country flood the country. However, an Indian student must have a valid UK student visa to study in this country. There are however rules, regulations, and requirements that the student needs to meet. A student also needs to be aware of the UK study visa cost from India.

Obtaining a student visa to study in the United Kingdom can sometimes be challenging since many students are applying to UK universities for each intake. 600,000 International students are currently studying at some of the world’s finest universities in the UK. This explains why you may have to compete with other students in order for obtaining a student visa for the UK. Your UK student visa duration is based on the length of the program you have been offered, as detailed in your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). Now the question is what are the requirements and UK study visa cost from India?

English Language Requirement Test Fees

The test fee for IELTS will be around 15,000 Rupees when converted from British pounds. Please check with your local IELTS test center for accurate information about the IELTS fees. You can find the nearest IELTS centers here. There are also test fees for other language tests like Duolingo and OIETC just in case you are going for an IELTS alternative. The test fees for Duolingo will be $49 USD and an OIETC test costs 80 pounds per student.

What is the UK study visa cost for India?

The visa application fee if you are applying from India is (£363 UK pounds). The other costs including your course fees, accommodation, and living expense are separate fees. If you would like to learn more about the cost of studying in the UK you can refer here. If you would like to know the course fees please check your CAS letter if you already received it. If you do not have your CAS letter yet you can check the university course fees on the university website or consult with New Way Consultancy to learn about the university’s different course fees and scholarship facilities.

These were the UK study visa cost from India. If you want to know more about the fees, scholarships, and the cost you can consult with New Way Consultancy to help you with any kind of information regarding studying in the UK from India. Make sure you go through the UK university requirements and also the English language requirements to prepare well for your university admission. Making a mistake while making your student application can end up terminating your application therefore you must be prepared for admission before you start.


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