Cheapest MBA Courses in the UK for Indian students

The Most Affordable MBA Courses in the UK for Indian Students

Do you have a dream to complete your MBA in the United Kingdom? Finding the best value Master of Business Administration (MBA) course is pretty hard for an Indian student. You may have a lot of options to choose a university if you have sufficient money. But most of the Indian students want the cheapest university to complete their MBA degrees. So, we are going to explore some highly reputed universities which offer the cheapest MBAs in the UK for Indian students.

How much cost do you need for a UK MBA Degree?

The cost of MBA courses in UK universities varies according to their quality, demand, and tradition. The most affordable MBA course can cost around £10000 as a tuition fee without accommodation. However, you need around £9000 to £16000 as a tuition fee to complete your MBA degree in the UK.

 Advantages of cost-effective MBA Courses in the UK
  • A great education system at an affordable cost and gives you the full freedom to perform in the practical field. 
  • They will make you experienced through their lessons and the teachers are quite helpful. 
  • You can complete your degree within a short period and develop your career. 
  • Awesome support from their staff and you will get a post-study work opportunity after completing your main degree.

Top 13 cheapest MBA in the UK for Indian students

The best MBA offers for Indian Students

Cardiff Metropolitan University

The MBA faculty of Cardiff Metropolitan University is truly awesome for having a wonderful study environment. It’s one of the modern universities in Cardiff and ensures a lot of facilities. 

  • 12-month MBA (fees from £9,000)
  • 24-month MBA with work replacement (fees from £11,000 after scholarships)
York St John University (London)

York St John University offers top MBA courses for affordable fees to Indian students. 97% of York St John University students are in work or furhter study six months after graduation according to a survey. York is named the best northern city to live in the last year by the Sunday Times. This university is very popular among the Indian students.

  • 12-month MBA (fees from £9,500)
  • 24-month MBA with Work Replacement (fees from £13,900)
  • 12-month MBA in Health Care Management (fees from £9,500)
  • 24-month MBA with Health Care Management (fees from £13,900)
Glasgow Caledonian University (London)

Glasgow caledonian University or GCU London is a postgraduate campus of Glasgow caledonian University, specialising in Insurance, Banking and Finance, Risk Management, International Fashion Marketing, Luxury Brand Marketing, Public Health and Construction Management. It offers affordable MBA and MSc courses to Indian students.

  • 12-month MBA (fees from £10,500 after scholarships)
  • 18-month MBA (fees from £11,900 after scholarships)
Cheapest MBAs in the top UK Colleages

Many Indian students decide to study at one of the top UK colleages as they offer cheap MBA courses to international students. Some of the MBA courses at these colleges come with work right which means students will be able to work while they continue their MBA studies.

  • 12-month MBA courses at Greenwich School of Management (fees from £12,000)
  • 12-month MBA courses at London School of Commerce (fees from £6,950)
  • 18-month MBA courses at Newcastle Colleage (fees from £8,975)

Other Top MBAs for Indian Students

Ulster University (Birmingham Campus)

Ulster University offers the top quality cheapest MBA courses in the UK for Indian students. The international students would study at the MBA degree at the Birmingham campus.

  • Place of the University: Centre City House, 7 Hill St, Birmingham B5 4UA
  • Website:
  • Course period: 12 months
  • Tuition fees: around £10,000
University College Birmingham

Staff of the University College Birmingham are friendly and work in a great systematic way. Their courses include a huge number of practical works to improve the students’ basics. 

  • Place of the University: Summer Row, Birmingham.
  • Website:
  • Course period: 6 months
  • Tuition fees: around £8,000
Glyndwr University

Glyndwr University is a leading high-quality education Institution in the UK. Supportive lecturers and practical teaching system make them unique.

  • Place of the University: Mold Rd, Wrexham, UK
  • Website:
  • Course period: 12 months
  • Tuition fees: around £9,000
University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk offers a digital education system with online activities. This university grows the intellectual power of its students and gives a good atmosphere.

  • Place of University: Ipswich, United Kingdom.
  • Website:
  • Course period: 12 months
  • Tuition fees: around £10,000
University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire is the best place to complete your MBA degree at a low budget. They ensure World-class facilities and provide a students’ friendly environment. 

  • Place of the University: Vicarage St, United Kingdom.
  • Website:
  • Course period: 12 months
  • Tuition fees: around £12,000
Canterbury Christ Church University

Canterbury Christ Church University is an interactive platform for learning. They will give you enough space to show your inner creativity.

University of Bolton

The University of Bolton has a great fee structure for their foreign students.  This university gives a lot of facilities at a cheap price and a good place for brilliant students. 

  • Place of the University: A676 Deane Rd, Bolton.
  • Website:
  • Course period: 12 months
  • Tuition fees: around £13,000
University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton is a decent place to improve your skills and expertise. Give you enough opportunity to work after your post-graduation. You can choose this University without any hesitation. 

  • Place of the University: Wulfruna St, Wolverhampton. 
  • Website:
  • Course period: 18 months
  • Tuition fees: around £13,000
Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University offers a good atmosphere for their MBA students. Enough facilities, a good library, digital resources make this University perfect. A perfect place for learners and also for the teachers.

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