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Guide for Indian Students to Study in UK Universities

Indian students are leading in the UK when the number of international students compared to other countries in the world. According to stats, more than 400,000 international students have been welcomed in the UK every year. The most popular reason which makes Indian students choose the UK as their next destination for higher studies is the success rate.

The high quality of the UK education system opens a smooth road for Indian students to get a well-salaried job in the UK or their home country after graduation. Indian graduates and scholars from the UK are well recognised worldwide and serving in popular companies in the world.

For Indian students, the UK has so much to offer. Like other international students, Indian students do not only travel to get admission in Bachelor, Master, or PhD programs only but also for short courses, professional certifications, English language, and diplomas. This is why you will able to see more Indian students in the universities of the UK as compared to any other.

Indian students living in the UK

Indian students who wish to study in the UK universities need to understand that there are so many steps included to make their dream to study in the UK become possible. The students need to choose the right course track for them and the university that is offering that specific course in affordable tuition fees. Later, they need to fulfil the UK student visa requirements and find accommodation for them to make their living possible.

Who are we?

We are a British Council certified education consultant who helps Indian students to study in the UK. To make the whole process easy for them, we are linked with UK’s top universities. We aim to provide the consultancy regarding all steps like selecting the right course, university, helping in the UK student visa, and finding accommodation to pursuing dreams of studying in the UK.

Every year we help thousands of Indian students to get admission to UK-based universities to start a successful career in the UK. Our crystal clear path is designed for all types of Indian students. Whether you want to get admission to an undergraduate, postgraduate, or short courses, we will help all of you with the same passion to make your dream to study in the UK fulfil.

Reasons for Indian students to study in the UK

The higher standard of education, lower tuition fee, and affordable living expenses are the main reasons which make Indian students travel the UK for higher studies. But these are not the only reasons. United Kingdom is known for many other reasons for Indian students to study in the UK.

  1. The UK has great career opportunities for international students after studies
  2. The quality of education offered by the UK is recognized worldwide
  3. The UK is known as the land of the world top 5 universities like Oxford and Cambridge
  4. To pay tuition fee the Indian students can work while they study in the UK
  5. International students can change their student visa to post-study work visa
  6. There are financial support and scholarships are available for Indian students
  7. International students from India are eligible to receive free medical treatment
  8. Students from 180 countries offer great cross-culture experience in the UK.

Not just that, many Indian students also choose the UK to get a good job after completion of their study which leads to getting British citizenship in the future.

Entry requirements for students from India to study in the UK

In general terms, the requirements to study at a UK university are the same. Some universities may ask for additional requirements like IELTS exams etc.

To study undergraduate courses in the UK

Indian students who wish to take admission in an undergraduate program like BA, BSc, BEng/MEng need to provide their Standard XII exam results. Some universities may ask for the 75% minimum score in the key subjects for direct admission. For medical courses, the minimum score may be required up to 85% but this is not a standard rule. Indian students with the A-Levels background may require a specific number of A in their subjects. Universities have options for those students too who don’t meet with the entry requirements.

To study postgraduate courses in the UK

Indian students who wish to study postgraduate programs like MSc and MA usually required 3 years’ Bachelors’s Degree with a minimum 60% of scores. Students with 4 years bachelors’ degree can pursue direct admission to the postgraduate diploma. For special programs like MBA may require Indian students to prove work experience.

Step by step guide to study in the UK for Indian students

There are many different steps that involve which all Indian students need to follow to study in the UK. If could become difficult for them if they failed to follow them correctly. This is why we are offering our consultancy services to them.

  • Step 1: Indian students need to select a course to study in the UK according to their interest
  • Step 2: Find the universities in the UK who are offering the course which student wishes to study
  • Step 3: We will fulfil the admission requirements for an Indian student to confirm their admission
  • Step 4: For visa purpose, the student required to get an admission letter from the University of the UK
  • Step 5: To land in the UK, the students required to fulfil the requirements of the student visa
  • Step 6: Preparing the application for the UK student visa from your home country
  • Step 7: Filling application for the UK student visa to travel the UK and begin a new journey

We also offer services like finding affordable accommodation near the university campus to the students. This reduces their living expenses and provides walking distance access to the university and its facilities.

Let us help you to study in the UK

Being fail at one step means your dream to study in the UK is not going to be fulfilled. This is where a qualified education consultancy firm like ours can help Indian students. We do not just provide them with information “how to study in the UK from Indian” but make sure that all of our clients safely land in the UK.

NWC India is the UK University official agent in India, and around the world. Contact us today if you are willing to attend a UK University spot admission.