Why Study in the UK not India?

Indian students wanting to study in the UK may wonder why study in the UK not India. That is what we are going to talk about today. What makes UK universities better than what you would get from an Indian university?

The UK has some of the top universities in the world. Some of the oldest universities like Oxford University have been known for many years for providing some of the best quality of education and after-graduate employability rate. Getting a degree from a UK university will help you stay way ahead of other candidates in India when you go for a job interview.

Some of the main reasons why you would study in the UK not India are the world-class education system, career-focused courses, a great environment for Indian students, and after-graduate career opportunities.

So why study in the UK not India?


Better quality of education

Education quality is one of the reasons why it is worth considering studying in the UK than India. The UK government has been maintaining its education standard for many years so that local and international students can receive the best possible education from UK universities and colleges. The funding bodies for the higher education of the UK universities also closely examine research standards and publish their findings on a periodic basis. This ensures that all international students, regardless of the university or courses that they apply to, have access to the best possible research, learning experience, lecturers, and study environment.

Valued Certificates

The value of the degree certificates is one of the reasons when answering the question of why study in the UK not India . UK universities for many years have been maintaining one of the highest academic standards in the world. The UK is home to universities that are in the top 10 of the best universities in the world list. The University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford are two of many notable ones. Getting a bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a renowned UK university will greatly help in your career life as UK education gets high privileges in India.

Shorter Course Duration Compared to India

The course duration for undergraduate and graduate degrees is almost half as short compared to other countries in India. While undergraduate courses can be completed in three years, postgraduate courses can be completed in just one year. This can be a huge help to Indian students since they will be saving a lot of time from their valuable life and help them prepare for their career carrier earlier. A shorter course also means you will be saving money and getting your degree from a top UK university.

Better after Graduate Opportunities

UK universities have career services to help you find the best job opportunities around you. You can either choose to work in the UK or come back to India for great work opportunities ready for you. If you choose to work in the UK you will be granted a work visa depending on the period of your work which you can extend depending on how long you work for a company. You will also be able to find diverse work opportunities due to the thriving economy and tens of thousands of businesses in various industries and companies in the UK.

We hope we have answered your question of why study in the UK not India. These are some of the valid reasons for you to choose the UK over India or any other country that you may be considering. Do you want to start your UK student application today? Make a free appointment with us and we can start your application!

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