UK Student Visa Success Rate in India 2023

UK Student Visa Success Rate in India

UK universities are highly regarded in India and also in other countries around the world when it comes to education and work opportunities. Each year, thousands of student visa applications are submitted to UK universities in each intake. Most of these applications are usually granted with a student visa. Some students are sometimes unable to obtain a visa due to complications caused or improper documents.

According to reports published in 2022, the UK student visa success rate in India was 95% while the rejection rate was only slightly more than 3%. Consistently, the UK rejection rate for Indian student visa applications has been relatively low.  You can decrease the chances of your UK student visa getting rejected by being aware of the student visa requirements and documents that are needed to be submitted. If you are well-prepared you will be good to go when applying to a UK university.

How can you increase UK student visa success rate in India

Before we get into how an Indian student can increase the success rate we need to know what causes a UK student visa to get rejected if you know what to avoid you can avoid making these mistakes and increase the UK student visa success rate for you.

Insufficient Documents

Make sure to submit all the required documents mentioned that are required by the UK university and immigration. Being unable to do so will result in the rejection of your student visa application. You can check the required documents here and can also consult with us regarding more queries related to the requirements and documents.

Not enough score in IELTS

English language requirement is a must when it comes to studying in the UK. Having a good IELTS score always increases the UK student visa success rate in India. The usual requirement for UK universities is 6.0 and 6.5 for UG and PG courses. If your IELTS score is below 6.0 there is a chance you might need better scores to get into a university.

Not meeting the financial requirements

Some students are often unable to show proper documents to prove that they have proper financial capabilities in order to study in the UK. Being unable to show a proper bank statement according to the requirements can cause trouble for you when applying for a UK student visa.

As long as you do not make any serious mistake in your application or have issues with your documents or requirements it is not difficult to obtain a UK student visa. You should do your own research on the requirements and documentation to avoid making the type of mistakes that were mentioned here.

It is preferred for you to consult with professionals who can help you increase the UK student visa success rate in India for you. New Way Consultancy can help you have a smooth visa application process since we are the direct representative of UK universities serving students for 18 years. If you are planning to apply for the UK with a high success rate you can start your student visa application today with New Way Consultancy.

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