UK Student Visa Processing Time from India

If you are an Indian student planning to study in the UK then you may be wondering what is the UK student visa processing time from India. The UK is a popular study destination for Indians because of the most prestigious higher education universities attracting thousands of international students to study abroad each month.

Each year, approximately 28,000 Indian students fly to the UK to pursue their higher degrees abroad. If you are willing to be one of them then it is important that you know all about UK student visa processing and UK student visa processing time from India.

What is the UK student Visa Fee?

The UK student visa fee for India is £363 which is approximately 34,701 Indian Rupees when converted from UK pounds. Applicants can also monitor the status of their visa application by subscribing to the VFS SMS alert service or by using their online tracking system.

What is the UK Student Visa Processing Time from India

The approximate time needed to obtain a UK student visa can be up to 3 months. However, depending on your eligibility or any major issues caused your visa processing can be done within 15-20 days. The first step for you is to get an unconditional letter from your university. In order to get an unconditional letter you will have to meet the university requirements and be able to submit all the required documents according to the university and UK student visa requirements.

The next step for you is to take the CAS interview and apply for your UK student visa. Your UK student visa processing time from India can extend depending on the time you take to submit the right documents and pay the fees.

Can I work while studying in the UK?

International students including students from India are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during semester breaks and holidays. The UK makes it easy for international students to go for Internships or work placements as long as the course is relevant to the kind of work the student wants to do.

Is it possible for Indian students to stay with their families in the UK?

According to the updated rules and regulations of a UK student visa, only international students sponsored by a higher education university for a course of more than one year can do so. An Indian student who gets a permanent job in the UK can also apply for bringing their children or partners to the United Kingdom. There will be additional documents and proofs that are needed to be submitted in this case. Students under the age of eighteen will not be permitted to bring financially dependent partners or children.

Is there any after-graduate work opportunity for me in the UK?

UK universities have career services that help students get their desired jobs suited for their course. You can also check with the career services for a part-time job in the UK and check if they can help you with that. The UK is home to some of the largest multinational companies and businesses therefore there are plenty of work opportunities that will be waiting for you once you graduate. Once you graduate, you can apply for these jobs online and prepare for interviews. Getting a job can be the first step for you to get one step closer to getting your permanent residency.

If you have more questions about UK student visa processing time from India you can consult with us regarding any queries or confusions you have about studying in the UK. We can help Indian students find their desired university well-suited for their course and career. You can fill up this form for us to start with your UK student visa application today.

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