UK CAS Interview for Indian Students

UK CAS Interview for Indian Students

The popularity of the UK is continuing to grow its popularity among international students day by day. Thousands and thousands of ambitious students are choosing to study at UK universities. With its internationally renowned universities, culturally diverse environment, and highly qualified lecturers, the UK can be called the epitome of academic achievement.

The UK is a very popular study destination with over 600,000 international students from all around the world. The country is also renowned for offering hundreds of career-focused courses that can help a student build a career in the future. Business & Administrative studies, Social studies, Medicine, Law, and Creative Arts are among the most popular courses for international students. Since a UK degree is internationally well-recognized there will be excellent job opportunities waiting for you after you graduate.

Just like other countries on the list, you need to meet the UK student visa requirements in order to get into a UK university. Without meeting the requirements your visa application will get rejected. UK CAS interview is one of the required interviews that every student needs to attend when applying for a UK student visa. Let us now talk all about UK CAS interview for Indian students.

What is a UK CAS interview for Indian students?

There are two types of UK CAS interview for Indian students which international students have to take part in regardless of which country they are from. CAS means confirmation of acceptance. Let us talk about both of the interviews.

Pre-CAS Interview

A pre-CAS interview is taken before the main CAS interview. This interview is conducted by the university. In the pre-CAS interview, the student is asked questions about questions regarding the university, course, future plans, and more. A student must pass the pre-CAS interview before attending the CAS interview.

CAS Interview

A CAS interview is taken once a student passes the pre-CAS interview. The UK visa immigration or UKVI conducts this interview. This is the final interview that is taken before obtaining a UK student visa so a student must focus on this interview and prepare well for it. The questions asked in this interview are the same questions asked in the pre-CAS interview. However, the questions can be different depending on the student’s eligibility.

What questions are asked at the UK CAS Interview for Indian Students?

These are the kind of questions a student may be asked in both pre-CAS and CAS interviews. You should stay prepared to answer this kind of question. Keep in mind the questions can be a little different depending on the student, course, and university. These are however the main questions that are usually asked the student.

  1. Questions about your previous studies
  2. Why you chose the course?
  3. Why you chose the university that you’re applying for?
  4. Who is going to fund your studies?
  5. Where you are going to live?
  6. Your future career plan
  7. Why you chose the UK and why not some other country?
  8. You also may be asked about your financial capabilities
  9. Lastly, you may be asked if you have relatives in the UK.

These are the basic questions asked during a UK CAS Interview for Indian Students. The questions are the same whether you are from India or any other country. You should answer the questions properly and prepare to answer the questions. Avoid giving out misinformation or talking too much about the UK or your university. Giving answers that are too long or wrong information can make you fail your interview. You should make a note of all these questions that can be asked in the interview and practice well to answer these questions. You can do your own research on CAS interviews to gather more knowledge to prepare for a better interview.

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