Study in the UK for Indian students after 10th or 12th

The Best way to study in the UK after 10th or 12th for Indian students

For each degree, institutions set the entrance standards and ensure that students have the proper skills and experience to complete the course they have successfully completed. Depending on the subject, the particular course, and even the individual institution, entrance entry criteria differ widely. The entry criteria for UK university enrolment are divided into two important sections.

A standard academic prerequisite for Indian students is All India or State Board Secondary School Certificate 10th or 11th grade completion and grade is 65 percent or higher on average. Academic certification and grade: Based on the colleges and the courses that you choose, this provision will be different.

English Language Proficiency. As evidence of your English language proficiency, you must have the TOEFL/IELTS outcome. IELTS 5.5 or above is a standard English language criterion and is mostly preferred. You normally submit a project job for students who want to go after 12th, or either write a thesis or paper presentation, listing their likes and dislikes and priorities in the future. 

It’s recommended that you contact a specialist in the field of education abroad who would be at a better level to help clarify your concerns and help you choose the right course while continuing or after finishing your schooling.

Are you planning to study at a university in the UK from India? Contact us  today to start your application process at an affordable UK university.

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