Is Indian degree valid in UK?

Comparison of the India and UK Education Systems

In contrast to twelve years in India, British students undertake thirteen years of pre-university schooling. Consequently, pending marks from one of the two Central Boards (CBSE or ICSE) or their corresponding marks, or the first year of an Indian degree program, are usually a requirement for direct entry into the UK undergraduate program. Applicants must meet the admissions criteria for both general and course requirements: 

A specified number of subject passes at both GCE “A” Levels and GCSE at grade C minimum is required for admissions in UK educational system. An Indian equivalent qualification, such as a strong CBSE and ICSE ranking, etc. Or else the details of course specifications can be accessed from prospectuses of institutions accessible at the Education Counselling Service in the offices or libraries of the British Council.

There is a spectrum of access or foundation courses available for those who do not have these qualifications as yet. Foundation courses may vary from four months to one year. But if you are looking for a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree then the Indian graduation scheme of three years for entrance into most postgraduate courses is approved by most UK universities. Bachelor’s degrees from India, such as B.A., B.Com. Oh, or B.Sc. A British Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree is analogous to that. 

Even then, some programs and universities which require a British Bachelor’s (Honours) degree equivalent qualification that includes 16 years of academic study, which may mean another year following graduation or a four-year degree course such as B.E., B.Tech or other such courses. A strong first degree from a leading university in India, or its counterpart, is mandatory for most universities. Additionally, ‘A’ level results are required for admission to Oxford, Cambridge and London University. This will mean one year in college after 12 years of schooling in the Indian sense.

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