How much does it cost to study in the UK from India?

Cost of study in the UK for Indian students

Your study location plays a vital role in defining the total costs involved due to various factors such as living and travelling costs etc. You may also remember that, relative to the rest of England and Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the cost of living in London and South East England is higher. Which means that it will prove to be more costly to study at universities like University College London (UCL), Imperial and Oxford than to get a seat in Nottingham, Cardiff or Leicester.

If you are an Indian student studying in the UK you may very well end up comparing the cost of anything with the prices back in India. On average, according to some figures, studying in the UK will cost you between INR 15 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs depending on the course you are doing and where you are studying in the UK. 

Undoubtedly, apart from the tuition fee accommodation costs are the major decisive factor for the overall costs involved during your studies. As a deposit, certain residence halls or residences can need a month’s rent, which will be paid after you leave. It would remove from the deposit the cost of any loss or repair. Again, please remember that monthly costs in the UK can vary based on your university’s venue.

Private lodging can be costlier than most university accommodations and if you intend to stay outside so that you do not have to pay on transport, it is best to search for on campus accommodation or places near campus. Take advantage of the campus-based program from your university that will help you, if available, find suitable private accommodation.

Another unavoidable cost is the food and grocery section. Your preferences and how much you can afford can depend on the quality of food. As one of the bare basics, food and groceries form a large part of your spending. Generally, to save on living expenses, Indian students staying together can purchase groceries in bulk. Eating outside can be expensive and hence it entirely depends on you and your preferences on how much you want to save on this. 

The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union (Brexit) suggests that many EU students are worried that their tuition fees would increase. There is however, no indication that the government is preparing to raise fees yet. Indeed, several UK universities have so far pledged to keep tuition fees set for existing EU students at the same pace for the length of their studies and hence this major decision would ideally have no affect on the costs involved for Indian students.

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