Top 10 Deemed Universities in South India

Top 10 Deemed Universities in South India

What are Deemed Universities in South India?

A deemed university also known as deemed to be university in South India is an accreditation granted by the Department of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education to higher education institutions in India. Deemed to be universities maintain a very high standard in a specific area of study. A university is declared to be a deemed to be university by the Central Government. With the advice of the University Grants Commission (UGC) a deemed be university is declared. Deemed universities in south India have high academic status, good rankings and reputation throughout the top university lists in India.

What differentiates Deemed Universities in South India?

There are both private and public universities in South India. The Government of India and the state governments provide funding for public universities. On the other hand, private universities in south India are primarily supported and funded by private organizations, companies, etc. The status of a deemed-to-be university enables universities to set their own guidelines for fees, admission syllabus and also coursework, research centers, etc. According to reports published in 2021, there are a total number of 126 deemed universities in India.

The Indian Institute of Science introduced itself as the first deemed university on May 12, 1958. Tamil Nadu has the highest number of deemed universities. There are 28 deemed universities in Tamil Nadu. A deemed university in south India always provides facilities for students to help them pursue a career in research. Some deemed university research facilities are known to be some of the best in the country. These facilities will not be provided by any other university that you go to.

Should you choose a Deemed University?

Deemed universities in south India offer students excellent educational opportunities. They have the potential to be superior in many ways to many state and private universities in India. Many of these deemed universities in south India provide exceptional course materials to their students. A number of these accredited universities also feature some of the country’s best research facilities including science and technology allowing students to prepare well for better career opportunities in the future.

However, some deemed universities are often seen negatively by the media and people in India. It is therefore essential that you conduct proper research and look for advice when choosing a deemed university in South India. You should always consider your future plans and whether or not you can be benefited from the university. If you find a deemed university to be suitable for your course and future plans for your career then you can go for a deemed university. If you are not interested in applying for deemed universities there are also hundreds of top-ranked private and public universities in south India and all over India. You can also have a successful career by studying at these universities.

What are the top 10 deemed universities in South India?

  • Gitam University – Founded in 1980
  • Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham – Founded in 1994
  • SRM University – Founded in 1985
  • Vignan University – Founded in 2008
  • Christ University – Founded in 1969
  • KIIT University – Founded in 1992
  • Bharath University – Founded in 1984
  • National Institute of Technology – Founded in 2007
  • PEC University of Technology – Founded in 1921
  • Jamia Hamdard – Founded in 1989


What kind of university you go to has a great impact on your future life and professional career so you should always take this into your consideration. The selection of the right course and university is always vital since your university life will be the most impactful to your career. Where you studied your course and got your degrees from is highly important in any kind of job you go for. Therefore, if you are going for a deemed university in South India you can go through some of the best universities that we mentioned or choose other public or private universities in south India.


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