Sample Statement of Purpose – MBA programme

Sample Statement of Purpose (SoP) for MBA programme in the UK

Here is a sample statement of Purpose (SoP) for an MBA programme at the  Coventry University by an Indian student.

When I first came to the UK for my undergraduate program, I was a bit nervous but more enthusiastic as I knew I was coming to a place where I will be able to further develop myself. The UK, especially, London is a place where people come from a lot of different backgrounds hence, bringing in their culture, approach to work and other things that make them different. I got the opportunity to study with them, work with them in teams which were very insightful and healthy for my personal growth. I learned a lot of different things from them and got to know some errors in my way of completing the tasks that I did not know were there in me.

I began my undergraduate degree in International Finance and Accounting in 2017 at Coventry University London, where I was guided well by the professors and also by my peers who helped me a lot whether it was related to studies, projects, group work etc. and now I can say proudly that I have grown a lot since the first day when I came to this country.
I also had the opportunity to work in the UK which was very constructive for my growth as a person who wanted to gain international exposure when I first decided to come to this country. I was able to meet with various different professionals and businessmen especially when I was doing my internship. I got to know-how businesses and professionals work globally and had the opportunity to learn from them.

Before coming to the UK, I was working as an account’s assistant in a family-run business, and when I came here, I got the same opportunity at a company which helped me a lot in understanding how professionals work. Now, I want to further develop the skills that will help me in establishing myself when I go back to my country and better understand how businesses work. Studying master’s in business administration at York St. John University London will help me in better understanding how the business world works, as it is situated in the centre of the business area in London. It will not only give me an advantage over other people in the field, but it will also help me further my skills in the field of business as I will be able to look at matters from different perspectives in an organization.

From my detailed research on the course and modules of York St John University, I have gathered clear idea about the learning areas and outcomes I will gain from the study. From this MBA with a year in industry programme,I will learn unique topics like Global Business Strategy, Business Development and Value Creation, Dynamic Perspectives on Sustainable Business, Leading Innovation and Cultural Change. These modules will help me to understand the core knowledge of the business.

Moreover, by choosing my masters at York St John University with placement will provide me with a chance to work with the best professional people which will help me in better understanding of where I stand, and which areas require more work so that I can become a better professional. I will also be able to use the methods that I learn here which will give me a competitive advantage over other professional people back in my country. Furthermore, York St. John University has been named in the top 10 due to their teaching quality by Sunday Times in the country and its student’s satisfaction rate is 86% which has placed the university 27th out of 122 Higher Education Institute in England.

I am very much looking forward to studying at York St John University and I hope that I will get the opportunity to do so, as I am prepared to explore this dynamic and evolving field. I will try my best to grab every opportunity available and will use my strength to this academic discipline. I would like to enhance my professional capacity and knowledge in a business-related field by pursuing my master’s at your university.

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