Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Study Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in the UK

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is one of the most sought after Business Masters courses taught in the UK. We are currently accepting applications from prospective students for DBA courses for reputed universities in London and throughout the UK.

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Important Information

  • Course Code: PGN100
  • Start Date: October, December
  • Duration: 3 Years (Full time)
  • Fees: From £9,000 to £11,000 (International students)
  • Scholarships: Up to £3,000

Course Details

Course Overview

The DBA is designed to raise the level of professional capabilities of practicing senior managers and executives. It does this by developing critical reflective practice skills, by enhancing knowledge of leading-edge areas of business, and by providing the opportunity to build their capabilities in practice-based research employing a major doctoral research project focussed on their role as change leaders.

Why Study?

Our DBA is designed for active senior managers and executives who want to gain new insights and perspectives into change leadership and management based on critical exploration of their own evolving professional practice. It is particularly appropriate for those wishing to improve their capability to lead and manage change in an established or new organisation without having to seek time off for formal study. A key role is played in their capability enhancement by the capstone research project, which enables practitioners to improve their professional practice by undertaking rigorous research into that practice.

  • It is the professional equivalent of the academic PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), but designed specifically to support participants in undertaking practice-based research into their workplace activities. While the knowledge gained from this research is equally rigorous to the PhD, it is distinctive in that the participant is placed at the centre of their research investigation, and their findings tend to be highly applicable within their organisation and within their community of professional practice.
  • Because senior professionals have achieved a significant amount of both formal and informal learning, sometimes over many years, the DBA provides an opportunity to make a claim for academic credits against relevant prior learning, including research knowledge and expertise. The DBA focuses on developing participants’ individual capabilities as reflective practitioners, and through this enhancing their capability for undertaking high-level, practice-based research within their own workplace.
  • Participants’ study paths and projects are tailored to meet their individual needs and interests, and those of their organisations.

Entry Requirements

We accept the equivalent of the below qualifications from a recognised overseas qualification:

  • We normally require a masters degree or above
  • You should also have a minimum of five years managerial or professional experience in a full-time senior position
  • You should have role responsibility and relevant authority to specify and implement significant change initiatives within your organisation.

To find out more about the qualifications we accept from your country please visit the relevant Support in your country page. If you are unsure about the suitability of your qualifications or would like help with your application, please contact your nearest Regional office for support.

Top Universities

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Jobs & Careers

Achieving a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) qualification will:

  • develop your analytic and critical skills, enabling you to approach business challenges in new ways
  • build your credentials and differentiate you from other consultants or professionals in your field
  • enable you to develop an evidence-based consulting model or management tool that will give you a competitive advantage
  • help you to move towards a career in academia or a portfolio career that includes academic aspects

How to apply

If you are planning to study in the UK, or not sure which course is suitable for you, feel free to contact our offices today.